Tools and Resources Page

Tools & Resources

Spectrum Alliance Program offers a variety of educational tools such as online enrollment materials, Calculators, newsletters, video education materials and market summaries.  In addition we offer a fully functional plan participant, plan sponsor, and financial advisor website. 


Use the calculators on this page to find the mathematical answer to most commonly asked number-crunching questions, and see your inputs displayed next to the graph, chart and/or table output in a side by side display.


The newsletter articles on this page provide valuable information on timely and interesting financial issues across a variety of subject areas, including retirement, investments, personal finance, annuities, insurance, taxes, college and government benefits. 

Planning/Saving for Retirement

Every stage of life has its own financial need and concern. This link can offer education information to help you make decisions regarding your retirement planning. 


Here is where you can find links to all of the videos that are displayed throughout our Website.  These videos range from participant and plan sponsor educational information.