Daily Valuation & Recordkeeping

Daily Valuation & Recordkeeping

Spectrum Employee Benefits uses the Actuarial Systems Corporation (ASC) recordkeeping and compliance software systems along with Matrix Settlement & Clearing Services trading platforms to provide employers (plan sponsors) with daily valuation services for employer sponsored retirement plans. This system allows us to offer diversified investment choices among a multitude of fund families.

ASC is a leading software, documents and web solutions provider for the retirement plan industry. 

  • More than 50% of all 401(k) plan participants in the country are run or tested on ASC software systems. 
  • ASC offer a daily valuation model that works with virtually all mutual funds, allows the plan sponsor to work with a broker of their choice and trades on major trading platforms such as Matrix. 
  • ASC provide internet access to participants through its proprietary Gemini web site.  The Gemini site features a fully functional site for participants as well as a Plan Sponsor site for the employer, and a separate site for brokers.

Matrix Settlement & Clearing is one of the nation’s largest providers of back office trust, custody, trading and mutual fund settlement services. 

  • With their state of the art technology Matrix has become a leader in setting new industry standards for mutual fund trading and clearing services. 
  • Matrix has more than 50 years experience in processing securities and industry role in executing more than 75% of all US fixed income trades.
  • Matrix provides mutual fund trading with over 700 NSCC eligible fund families that represent 25,000 CUSIPS. 
  • Matrix currently serves more than 350 financial institutions, trading more than $300 billion in assets with its various platforms.